Three honey spoons that result from exploring the opportunities within a given size and shape of an off-cuts.
The first, a contemporary interpretation of the traditional ribbed honey spoon.
The second, for honey lovers that take one large serving at a time.
The third, a claw for breaking open the raw honey comb.

Single CHF 12.-
Set of 3 CHF 30.-

(free shipping in Switzerland)

Unisex Jewellery

Unisex jewellery to celebrate the colder months and the intimate relation between the knitwear and its user. 
Handmade and finished in Switzerland. No pin or mechanism, simply weave through the knit (jumper, scarf, hat, etc.) 
All that remains visible on the surface are the ring and the dot.

Production – Made in Switzerland & hand finished by Georg Foster
Size – 25 x 37 x 7 mm
Material – Silver
Photography – G.Foster & ECAL/Jimmy Rachez

CHF 120.-

(free shipping in switzerland)
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